Promotional Clothing – The Art Of Wearing Your Brand

Wearing your brand or business name has been the practice of different entrepreneurs for the longest time. In fact, many of them have benefited from the profits that come from wearing promotional clothing. Nowadays, modern technology makes the profit generation a lot easier as it aids bulk manufacture of the garments intended for advertising.

When we say clothing, it is not exclusive to t-shirts alone. It includes everything which can be made out of cloth and be worn at the same time. Headbands, wristbands and neckties are a few of the accessories which can advertise your brand as they are worn. Caps, hats, jackets, singlets and vests are other stuff which your staff and patrons can wear to make your brand recognized far and wide.

If you are looking for the most practical giveaways on the dates of your business marketing events, you can choose a set of promotional apparel to carry your logo. You must understand though that the production of these items is priced higher than the production of more common and smaller items like lanyards, notepads and pens. Nonetheless, you can be assured that your business logo would be seen easily on these items as they provide wider spaces for printing.

In the early times, embroidered clothing caught the attention of many consumers. Apparel embroidered with the company logo or name were given away as souvenirs during corporate events or rewards as to the most outstanding employees of the year. These items often showcase excessive needlework and because of this they are costly as well. Although embroidery is still recognized these days, it is getting less popular as far as fashion is concerned.

Distribution of promotional clothing which comes in custom prints is the way to go for most advertising campaigns. Companies that offer printing services usually come up with designs intended to match the business logo or lettering of the business name of their client. This is made possible by the use of computers and certain design software. With these tools, printing adjustments and mass production of the clothes are made easy. During business launches printed apparel are circulated among the attendees as tokens of appreciation. Loyal customers are also given these items during holidays in thanksgiving for their continued purchase of products and subscription to services.

Apart from serving as giveaways, promotional clothing is also used as uniforms for employees. This is still in connection with brand recognition efforts for businesses. Perhaps, you are in a department store looking for a certain product. If you have questions, you can ask any of the salesmen assigned to that product. How can you spot them? You can do this by taking a look at the logo or name embroidered or printed on the polo shirts they are wearing. These polo shirts often come with matching cap. They give restaurants crews, office employees and other service men that clean and professional look. Moreover, they are made of sturdy cloth in order for them to stand the daily wear and tear their work brings.

How You Can Productively Use Promotional Items For Marketing Your Company

Promotional products aid most businesses to score a successful leap. Gifting this sort of items helps any organization to arive at the sought after outcomes by successfully advertising their company ventures. Every business in the current time can be involved in company gifting. These products generate much better outcomes compared to regular advertisements. Buyers, consumers and staff members alike, find these items very helpful. They use these each day and these items get a special place wherever or to whomever they get gifted. These items guarantee tons of value in the form of promotional merchandise for any business.

To establish quick success for your enterprise, select from the various promotional items that you can get online. There are many online suppliers to meet your requirements. The choice is actually yours, no matter if you want to select cheaper gift stuff like promotional pens, key chains, mugs, memo blocks or mouse mats etc. or perhaps opt for additional somewhat expensive things like logo polo shirts, logo hats or logo embroidered dress shirts. You can always deliver such goods to potential customers who assemble at significant brand promotion occurrences. Online retailers have got sought after presents at desired costs. Leading online retailers provide all of their items at best rates.

On the web suppliers supply wide selection of promotional products which miraculously boosts awareness of every company between its customers. Products are classified based on their prices and utility features. Marketing your company by disbursing branded apparel products permits you to address all advertising wants your enterprise demands.. Promotional polo shirts, for instance, tend to be ideal as uniforms during business enterprise and sporting events. The business logo may heat up hearts and minds of clients and buyers. The sole expenditure will be purchasing the promotional apparel. Imprinting your brand on the garments is very affordable. Companies maintain promotion funds for such products.

Virtually any of the promotional items should offer greatest company visibility among its clients and buyers. Most of all, the merchandise ought to be inside of spending plan boundaries. Businesses don’t need to invest too much; they need to invest smartly in the best suited way. Dominant suppliers always select these kinds of products trying to keep these factors as the primary goal. This is how their promotional items make their way in major business houses, blue-chip firms, schools and clubs. The business advertising and marketing team should take advantage of promotional articles to be able to launch a full blown marketing campaign that may be seen from all around you and by everyone.

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What to Look for in a Promotional Polo Shirt

With a wide variety of potential uses and applications, promotional apparel remains very a very popular advertising medium. The value of a simple shirt is great when it is used as a vehicle for a company logo, brand name or slogan, so choosing the right polo shirt for your needs is important. Finding the best polo shirt involves examining your intended purposes for the shirts, as well as the type of message you want them to convey. Consider design decisions such as color, design, comfort and fit, and of course the cost of the items, before making your final selection.

Color and Design

The color of your polo shirts is a more important factor than you might think at first glance. Colors are important because they can be reflective of your company image–somber and serious neutral tones may be your preference if your shirts are to be worn by your staff in a bank or other professional institution, but this will not do if your shirts are intended for the attendees of a company picnic or sporting event. Also make sure to choose colors that will complement your company colors and logo, and will appeal to the recipients of your shirts, too.

Comfort and Fit

Comfortable, durable fabrics are a must no matter who will wear the shirts and for what purpose. Nobody will want to wear shirts made from itchy or uncomfortable fabrics. Cotton and polyester-cotton blends are the ideal fabrics for polo shirts, and in fact polo shirts are almost always made from these. Pure cotton is generally softer and better-wearing than the poly-cotton blend; however it is also usually more expensive, so it’s important to weigh up quality versus cost when deciding what type of fabrics to use.

Good-fitting shirts are also a must. Don’t simply buy one size of shirt and hope that will do–it certainly won’t! It’s always best to buy shirts in as many sizes as are available, so that all possibilities–and all shapes and sizes–are covered. In general, you will need more medium-sized shirts than you will very large or very small ones but it is definitely a good idea to make sure you have a range of sizes on hand.


Polo shirts and other promotional apparel typically offer a good return on your investment, since they tend to be longer-lived items than things such as promotional pens, and because they are a highly visible advertising medium.

Cost may end up being your primary consideration–it will, after all, determine how many shirts you can afford to buy, and the quality of the items as well. In general it’s best to buy the best quality you can afford, both to increase the longevity of your polo shirts and to make sure that the recipients of your gifts are satisfied with the item. Buying shirts made from good quality, durable fabrics is important if your staff will be wearing them at work–the harder-wearing the item is, the less often it will need to be replaced, and in the long run that means more value for your money.

Tips for Choosing Promotional Polo Shirts

When choosing promotional polo shirts, you are faced with a fairly extensive range of options, and if you are a newcomer to the world of promotional merchandise, and promotional apparel in particular, it can be difficult to know where to start, and how to narrow down your options to the shirts that will complement your company image and the types of uses you intend for your items. Here’s a quick run-down of some important factors that should be considered when making your decision.

Who will wear your shirts, and when?

These are perhaps the most important questions to ask, because the answers will determine the basic types of shirts you will need. Shirts that are intended for one-off events such as trade shows or company picnics, for example, do not necessarily need to be of high quality. On the other hand, if you are buying shirts that your employees will wear on a daily basis–for example as work uniforms–you’ll be better served with shirts made of more durable high quality fabric.

If you are buying shirts for promotional giveaways or purchase incentives, quality should be an important consideration. You do not want to get a reputation for giving away low quality products, as that can carry over into people thinking that the products you sell are also low quality. When you’re giving items to customers and clients, quality is of paramount importance.

How much can you afford to spend?

In general, you should buy the best quality you can afford, but you should also let the intended use of the items dictate how much you will spend. This ties into the previous question of the uses the shirts will be put to–you’ll be able to spend less per item when the shirts do not have to be of high quality.

In most cases, the price per item includes the cost of a single color, single position printed design, however note that most companies also charge a setup cost for each printing color.

What colors and designs will complement your business the best?

The variety of color options available varies depending on the style of the promotional polo shirts you choose. In general you can expect anywhere from four to over a dozen color choices. When selecting colors, make sure that those you choose colors that complement any company colors or logos that you intend to add. Additionally, consider choosing colors and printed designs that reflect your company image, and say something about the products or services you offer.

You’ll also need to choose a design location in addition to the design itself. There are three commonly-used locations–on the left breast, on the left or right sleeve, or on the back at around shoulder height. You’ll usually be able to fit a larger design on the back of the shirt than you would on the front. It’s possible to buy shirts with designs printed in more than one position; however these will typically incur an extra charge.

When considering your design, note that some polo shirt styles offer the option of having your design embroidered rather than printed. Embroidered designs are particularly attractive and durable; however they usually add a considerable amount to the cost per item.

Promotional Items That Are in Demand Today

Are you all geared up for the upcoming trade show of your company? A trade show is a great opportunity to attract prospective buyers. One can make full use of this opportunity by gifting promotional products to prospective customers. But choosing the right promotional gift is very important. There are two promotional items that are in great demand. They are:

Technology Items
Promotional items vary from t-shirts to pens and from mugs to calendars. But if you want to make an impression, then nothing looks more savvy then gifting technological items. In the era when laptops and mobile phones have swept the hearts of many, gifting a technological item is a great idea.

The reason why a technological item should be chosen as a promotional gift, besides it being in trend, is its durability. They remain with the customers for a longer time and are not thrown out of the window in a couple of months. This works in favor of the company as it lessens the need of an advertising campaign. Also, they come out to be a great way to promote business as their chances of display, in an office setting, are much higher than that of a mug or a calendar.

Some popular technological promotional gift items are mouse pads, USB flash drives, MP3 players, calculators, CDs, protective screens, computer bags, CD covers, etc. While mouse pads and CDs are ideal promotional gifts to a large number of recipients, promotional MP3 players can be given to important and high esteemed clients.

With so much of variety available in technological items, one can make a right choice of a promotional gift depending upon the recipient and the budget.

Promotional Apparel
Promotional apparel is undisputedly the king when it comes to visibility of promotional gifts. One may look around and will easily spot number of people sporting promotional apparels. From casual to formals, from ties to handkerchiefs, from t-shirts to tees, there is so much to choose from the apparel segment, to promote your business. One can witness the most fashionable men and women sporting their favorite brands by wearing promotional apparels. In fact, promotional apparels have become a fashion in itself.

There are many companies that are into the business of manufacturing promotional apparels. They have a vast variety for you to choose from. If you want you can also customize your promotional apparels by selecting the fabric, color, design, etc. The major advantage of gifting promotional apparels is that they tend to get noticed quickly and helps creating brand awareness. While a technological item is stationary, promotional apparels travel and give high exposure to company’s brand name.

Now, you must have got a fair idea of what to gift to your potential customers and clients. There are other types of promotional items also, but nothing comes close to technological items and promotional apparel today.

Promotional Short Sleeves T-Shirts Can Boost Your Presence In The Industry

Promotional apparel has remained as one of the most popular brand building mediums nowadays. Given the fact that the traditional forms of advertising have become too expensive, apparel items has provided an affordable alternative to promoting a business. The latest Advertising Specialty Institute confirms the popularity of these products as an advertising medium. So using apparel will surely boost your exposure in the industry.

One of the most widely used apparel item is the promotional short sleeve t-shirt. Compared to a billboard or newspaper advertisement, short sleeve apparel will most likely be more appealing. It will be used on a frequent basis so you are sure of getting continuous promotions for your business. Having your logo on a billboard no longer make sense as they have become ineffective in delivering the results that you desire for your business.

Like all other promotional items, custom short sleeve apparel can be customized to suit your advertising needs. They make the perfect giveaway during tradeshows or corporate events. You can also make your employees wear the short sleeve apparel as their corporate uniform. This way customers will have a good impression on your business because your employees look professional. At the same time, this will motivate workers as they will feel a sense of belongingness.

Another advantage of using promotional short sleeve t-shirt is that they can guarantee continuous promotions of your business. Whenever the customer is wearing the short sleeved apparel, your business is getting promoted. Who knows they might even recommend to their friends or colleagues and this would mean additional clients for you. In addition, these products can extend your client base to the areas not reachable by traditional forms of advertising.

However, there are some things that you need to look at when giving out promotional items. Quality is the most important consideration. Remember that you are aiming to make an impression on potential customers but how can you impress them if the apparel you gave out gives them discomfort or causes skin irritation. Likewise, it should be appropriate to the customers you are targeting or else your investment will go to waste. Never fall into the trap of compromising the quality of the item just to make the cost affordable to your customers.

Thanks to short sleeve t-shirts promoting your business has become less stressful and profitable. Despite the minimal investment, you can look forward to achieving optimum results in a short period of time. The savings that you will get can then be diverted to the more important aspects of your business.

Promotional Clothing Is The Trendy Way To Promote Your Brand

One of the most successful ways to showcase your concern’s brand is with the help of a variety of promotional products that can be gotten from a reliable supplier. One of the promotional products which each and every business owner appears to be taking advantage of is promotional clothing. Utilizing promotional apparel is really an exclusive way of promoting your business.

There are numerous promotional clothing items like t-shirts, caps, corporate clothing, polo shirts, long and short sleeved shirts etc. which can be utilized to promote your company’s brand image. Your company’s name, slogan, message can be imprinted on them.

The incredible part about using apparel is that there are so many types of promo clothing obtainable out there and you get to select items depending on your particular requirements and budget. You’ll find out that there are loads of apparel styles obtainable in the market that will suit your taste and style. Your concern’s logo and name won’t be limited to the wearer alone but will catch the attention of individuals who see it. This is an incredible way to publicize your company’s products and services to the public.

Clothes are popular and commonly utilized promotional items which are used in order to unintentionally and intentionally promote brand awareness. For example, work-wear with custom-printed logo and company name may be used as uniforms thereby saving your staff money whilst simultaneously advertising the concern’s brand by captivating the attention of those who see it outside the work place.

Promotional clothing has even proven to be a really amazing item for distributing at sporting events, trade shows, trade fairs, corporate events, exhibitions and several other business functions. Promotional apparel is incredibly worth its application, since it actually proves to be very beneficial in the promotion of existing products and the launch of new ones. These clothing items assist to create awareness much faster among the masses, as the individual viewing the brand which is proudly displayed on the clothing is not just in one location, as the carrier of the trademark takes the concern’s message with him or her wherever they go.

The principal motive behind offering promotional clothing is to publicize the concern’s products and or services; with clothing, there are no space constraints. Even small accessories such as promotional bags, lanyards, caps etc. have ample space to emboss a name, slogan or message of any firm. Larger items like shirts have the advantage of allowing many areas for branding. These are particularly useful in situations where there are lots of sponsors who all have to be represented.

Promotional clothing is easily accessible. There are actually suppliers that provide quality clothing items in Australia. But, it makes sense to select a supplier that has been in the business longer; this way, you are certain of obtaining quality products at a decent price.

Promoting Fitness With Promotional Products

Promoting your fitness or health club is a major part of running a successful business. Here are ten ideas for using promotional products to promote your fitness based club or business.

Recruit new members with a product giveaway.
Couple a promotional product giveaway with a recruitment drive. Offer a free pedometer – imprinted with your club name, of course – to any new member who signs an annual contract during a particular month.
Retain existing members with signing rewards.
One way to get existing members to sign up for another year is to offer promotional products as an incentive to sign up for another year.
Save money and make things more convenient for your current members.
Save yourself the cost of billing and your customers the inconvenience of missing a month or more by offering a product incentive when they renew their memberships at least thirty days before the expiration of their current contract.
Use promotional products to increase renewals by sending out a gift with a reminder.
Make it even easier for your current members to remember to renew by sending out a reminder mailing with a little promotional gift included in the envelope. Make it a two part incentive gift by giving products that work together – one part in the mailing, one when they come in to renew.
Increase your visibility and name recognition with promotional products.
Wearable promotional gifts are among the most visible promos that you can use. Take any of the above promotional ideas and make the gift a t-shirt with the club logo or a catchy saying highlighting your club logo to get double value from your investment. You benefit when members sign up to get their workout t-shirt, and again and again when they wear it out on the street.
Sell promotional products in your club store.
Giving away jackets, sweat shirts and more expensive apparel can be cost prohibitive – but you can still benefit from increased name visibility of wearable promotional items. Simply sell t-shirts, jackets, visors and other apparel with your club logo on them from your club or gym store.
Promote fitness AND your business at the same time with fitness themed promotional products.
Take a table at local fitness and health fairs and offer a promotional gift to anyone who signs up for a trial membership at the fair. You can even give several levels of thank you gifts for increasing levels of commitment – a sports bottle with your club logo for a 30 day trial membership, a pedometer for an annual membership contract, for instance.
Advertise special services with promotional products.
If your club offers personal trainers or classes, create incentive by offering a free gift associated with the class – a free yoga mat for sign-ups to yoga class, for instance, or a multi-function stop watch for those who sign up with a personal fitness trainer.
Dress your staff in promotional apparel for a uniform appearance.
There’s a wide variety of shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts and all sorts of clothing that can be embroidered with your logo or club name. Many promo products companies can give you excellent prices on high quality items of apparel if you’re ordering in bulk.
Reward your employees with quality promotional products as incentives for good work.

Show your appreciation to your employees by rewarding attendance and initiative with high quality promotional products like MP3 players, USB flash drives – even bottles of wine with the club’s own label.

Promotional Clothing to Create Brand Awareness

Promoting one’s business can be a daunting task for any company and the amount that is normally spent on advertising via direct marketing or print and electronic media is colossal. Promotional clothing has become increasingly popular for brand promotion like many other promotional products which are given away by companies for free in fairs or seminars as a step to create brand awareness.

All promotional items are customized with the brand logo and company message being imprinted on them and are found to be a big hit with clients and company employees.

Everyone likes to receive a gift and when that gift is for free, it is more than welcome. Such corporate giveaways are usually gifted to a large number of people who attend corporate events and trade conventions where the target audience is huge. Such gifts act as a token of gratitude on part of the company towards its committed employees which in turn encourages employee loyalty and at the same time successfully attracts the attention of prospective customers to the business.

Promotional apparel may include t-shirts, caps, hats, fleece, polo shirts, golf t-shirts etc. They can be purchased online from the virtual stores across the Internet and then branded with the company name and logo. But it is always better to book them in advance when the quantities needed are immense.

Promotional T-shirts: most preferred by employees and customers, these are virtually synonymous with a walking advertisement. T-shirts help to improve the employee group’s morale and work as performance boosters. This is a common sight in trade fairs when many are found to be wearing such customized t-shirts. These help to create brand awareness and are not simply ordinary items of clothing. T-shirts also allow a lot of coverage on the front, back and sleeves for the company name to be explicitly imprinted and ensures maximum visibility in corporate events.

Promotional jackets: a substantial portion of promotional apparel is now dedicated to promotional jackets that may be branded or embroidered with the company logo. In UK, the largest selling promotional item has been the promotional embroidered fleeces in the past decade.

Promotional Polo Shirts: embroidered polo shirts are just the item if one wishes to wear relatively high value corporate clothing that is likely to create a better impression amongst those who he will interact with. They are qualitatively far superior when compared to the ordinary promotional t-shirts and can carry the company logo with a lot of elan.

In short, promotional apparel act as mobile billboards for the brand and help to carry the company name far and wide. Employees feel immense pride when they wear something that bears the company logo and this in turn motivates them to work harder and strengthens an overall sense of belonging to the organization.

Invest In Promotional Apparel and Get Ahead of the Pack

Whether you are a new business looking to make your presence felt in your industry or an existing business with aspirations to launch your brand above and beyond, then you’ll need to adapt a marketing approach that will exceed that of your competitors.

With the internet and multiple forms of advertising being thrown at businesses on a daily basis, there are so many varieties of advertising available that can often create confusion and decisiveness amongst company managers and owners.

If you’re looking at an affordable and highly noticeable form of marketing then perhaps you could consider investing your monthly advertising budget in quality promotional apparel. You’ll find a huge range of companies online that offer various types of promotional apparel as well as promotional products such as pens, compendiums, umbrellas and drink bottles.

Promotional apparel is perhaps a more effective form of marketing being that a company brand or message can be displayed on larger items like tee shirts, vests, jackets, trousers and polos. Best of all, a screen printed apparel item can be worn for long periods wherever you walk. Nothing beats mobile marketing, especially when there is a group of workers or people wearing the same apparel.

Promotional polos for example, are ideal as uniforms at sporting and corporate events. The only real cost involved in buying promotional apparel is the apparel itself. Having the apparel printed with your brand on them is extremely affordable and even more so if you buy them in large quantities. If you are small business or work alone, you could even take 3 or 4 of your existing tee shirts or polo shirts to a screen printer with your own logo and get them printed. You can quickly see why so many companies always put advertising funds aside for promotional products.

An item of promotional clothing can last for years. Even if you grow too big for a shirt, it could always be passed onto someone that it fits that doesn’t mind having a company brand on it. There are a number of other marketing options available to business beyond promotional apparel however these are generally either very expensive or ineffective. For example, a large billboard on the corner of the busiest street in a big city would probably be worth the same amount as the average annual salary, whilst newspaper advertising can be a real let down.

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