Promoting Fitness With Promotional Products

Promoting your fitness or health club is a major part of running a successful business. Here are ten ideas for using promotional products to promote your fitness based club or business.

Recruit new members with a product giveaway.
Couple a promotional product giveaway with a recruitment drive. Offer a free pedometer – imprinted with your club name, of course – to any new member who signs an annual contract during a particular month.
Retain existing members with signing rewards.
One way to get existing members to sign up for another year is to offer promotional products as an incentive to sign up for another year.
Save money and make things more convenient for your current members.
Save yourself the cost of billing and your customers the inconvenience of missing a month or more by offering a product incentive when they renew their memberships at least thirty days before the expiration of their current contract.
Use promotional products to increase renewals by sending out a gift with a reminder.
Make it even easier for your current members to remember to renew by sending out a reminder mailing with a little promotional gift included in the envelope. Make it a two part incentive gift by giving products that work together – one part in the mailing, one when they come in to renew.
Increase your visibility and name recognition with promotional products.
Wearable promotional gifts are among the most visible promos that you can use. Take any of the above promotional ideas and make the gift a t-shirt with the club logo or a catchy saying highlighting your club logo to get double value from your investment. You benefit when members sign up to get their workout t-shirt, and again and again when they wear it out on the street.
Sell promotional products in your club store.
Giving away jackets, sweat shirts and more expensive apparel can be cost prohibitive – but you can still benefit from increased name visibility of wearable promotional items. Simply sell t-shirts, jackets, visors and other apparel with your club logo on them from your club or gym store.
Promote fitness AND your business at the same time with fitness themed promotional products.
Take a table at local fitness and health fairs and offer a promotional gift to anyone who signs up for a trial membership at the fair. You can even give several levels of thank you gifts for increasing levels of commitment – a sports bottle with your club logo for a 30 day trial membership, a pedometer for an annual membership contract, for instance.
Advertise special services with promotional products.
If your club offers personal trainers or classes, create incentive by offering a free gift associated with the class – a free yoga mat for sign-ups to yoga class, for instance, or a multi-function stop watch for those who sign up with a personal fitness trainer.
Dress your staff in promotional apparel for a uniform appearance.
There’s a wide variety of shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts and all sorts of clothing that can be embroidered with your logo or club name. Many promo products companies can give you excellent prices on high quality items of apparel if you’re ordering in bulk.
Reward your employees with quality promotional products as incentives for good work.

Show your appreciation to your employees by rewarding attendance and initiative with high quality promotional products like MP3 players, USB flash drives – even bottles of wine with the club’s own label.